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Buying a home in North Texas? We are here for you.

The best homes for sale in North Texas are often the ones that just went under contract. The market here is fast-moving and home inventory is unusually low in most neighborhoods. As experienced agents, we often get the most sought after homes under contract for our clients by carefully crafting offers that catch the seller’s eye. It’s not always the highest price that wins when a bidding war breaks out. While the price is important, it’s never worth it for a buyer to pay more than what a property is worth.

Sometimes a seller will choose the highest offer but the transaction goes off the rails when the appraisal comes in low, the buyer hits them with a laundry list of expensive repairs, or the buyer’s financing falls through. It happens every day, so good listing agents guide their sellers to pick out the best offer, not only the highest offer but the offer that is most likely to actually close. We will help you to be the winning buyer.

There are 9+ pages in a standard Texas Real Estate Contract and the price is just one aspect. Sellers also care about the closing date, inspection contingencies, closing costs, appraisal clauses, financing contingencies, and sometimes the reputation of the buyer’s agent actually matters! On many occasions where our buyers have been involved in multiple offers We’ve had the Seller’s Agent tell us “The Gulley Brothers, I sure hope your client is chosen because I’d love to work with you again!”. Most homes in our market are sold by 5% of active real estate agents, so chances are good that We have worked with the selling agent before.. and that can make a big difference to you, our client.


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